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Library Lessons

Is It Plagarism? – Quiz

Reading News Online – Quiz

Digital Friendships – Quiz

Beyond Gender Sterotypes – Quiz

CyberBullying – Quiz


National Poetry Month – April

Dear Poet 2022

For Fun

Snowflake Bentley – Biography

Paper Snowflake Patterns

Make a Citation

MLA Citation Maker- Use this terrific site to help you assemble your research bibliography! Before printing your bibliography, copy and paste all of the text to a Word document. Then add a title and your name before printing.

Mountain School

Mountain School Research – this page created especially for Carl Cozier 5th graders as they prepare for their visit to North Cascades National Park.


Sharing Our Watersheds
City of Bellingham Water Education Program

Use the links to gather information on a water pollution source.

Nonpoint Source Pollution

Car Wash Soap

Washington Waters: Car Washing


Washington Waters: Yard Care

Fertilizers as Pollutants


Keep Plastic Out of Puget Sound

Oil & Gas

Washington Waters: Car Maintenance


Pet Waste 

Washington Waters: Dog Poop

African Elephant


WWU Institute for Watershed Studies

Wikipedia: Phosphorus Cycle


What is Sediment Pollution?