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Kindergarten Web Links

Literacy Activities

Pebble Go – Read about AnimalsEarth & Space, and Biographies. Searchable, leveled text designed for emergent readers. Fully narrated. Excellent for reading and research!

ABCYa! – computer learning activities & games.

Stir the Goop – Learn letters and sounds!

ABC Gulp – Help the frog catch the correct letter!

PBS – Matching Upper/Lower case letters

What’s in the bag? Use the clues to figure out what”s hiding in the bag.

ABC Match – match the picture with the beginning sound.

Alphabet Zoo – match lower case letters to upper case letters at the zoo!

Storyline Online – children’s stories read aloud by members of the Screen Actors Guild Foundation.

Starfall – Have your headphones ready, because this is a reading AND listening site for primary kids.

World Book Early World of Learning – read stories, explore places, work puzzles!

Math Activities


Five Frame – work with numbers from 1 to 5.

Ten Frame – build numbers using a ten frame at NCTM

Concentration – Can you match numbers and equal amounts?

Okta’s Rescue – practice counting as you move Okta & his friends to a safe ocean!

Counting Beads – practice number order & recognition or the ABC’s at this creative site!

Count Us In Games – count, add and subtract here!

Science, Art & Other Fun Sites

Living & Nonliving – sort pictures into categories

Gingerbread Baby House – Decorate Jan Brett’s gingerbread house with candy!

The Gingerbread Man With Everything – decorate this gingerbread man with all kinds of goodies!

Carve a Pumpkin! – use a tool to carve a jack-o-lantern face, then see it glow!

ABC Ya Virtual Pumpkin Carving – carve a virtual pumpkin, and see it glow.

Building, Construction, & Design

Build a House – choose your design, then use the tools to construct your house!

Create a Car – Select your tires, engine, and body style. Build it, then take it for a test drive!