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General Math Sites – Large sites with many different kinds of activities and experiences for users.

Khan Academy – You must have a user account to access this site. See your classroom teacher for your login information.

Kids Zone Graphs and More – simple graphing, as well as probability, and mathematics.

Kid’s Place Mathematics – mathematics test-taking practice for students in grades one through six.

IXL – Math Practice linked to state standards. 15 minute daily work time limit without a paid subscription.

Interactivate – interactive mathematical explorations for students in grades 3-5

Visual Math Learning – understanding math through lessons, practice, puzzles & games

Illuminations –  NCTM activities, lessons, standards & additional web links.

Calculation Nation – mathematical games to challenge your thinking, created by NCTM.

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives – check out many math tools for students!

Figure this! – problem solving for students & teachers

Math Playground – logic puzzles to solve!

Math Glossary (Harcourt Brace) – math activities, definitions, animated demos, by grade level.

Number & Operations

Number & Operations Activitiesfrom National Library of Virtual Manipulatives – Virtual manipulatives related to the NCTM Number & Operations standard. Organized by grade band.

Place Value Pirates – a place value game!

Xtra Math – Practice basic math facts. Teachers need to set up their classroom for students to access.

Multiplication Grand Prix – practice basic multiplication facts alone or with friends. Racing format, so speed & accuracy matter here!

The Product Game – fun, interactive game for 2 players that exercises your skills with factors and multiples.

The Factor Game – test your factoring ability against a partner or the computer.

Algebra Flashcards – select an operation, then practice solving algebraic equations.

Counting Shirts & Shorts – see how many outfits you can make for Bobby Bear using different colored shirts and pants. NCTM Illuminations

Magnetic Numbers -Imagine you have a bunch of numbers and math symbols, and you have to arrange them so that they make math sentences. Now imagine doing this online. Have fun!

Count Us In Games – games to help learners understand basic number concepts.

Bear Addition – help bear make 10’s by plucking cubes from the river. See how many 10’s you can make!

Playing the Fraction Track – game for 2 players. Find equivalent fractions, compare fractional parts of a whole in this fun, challenging game. – basic online flashcards.


Money Desk – Select a skill level to challenge yourself, then practice counting money.

Change Maker – Practice your subtraction skills while you calculate the change you will receive when you make a purchase.


Geometry Activities from the National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

Geometric Solids & Their Properties – view geometric solids and see what you can discover. From NCTM.

Shape Sorter – sort shapes according to their properties using Venn Diagrams.

Develop Geometry Understandings with Tangrams – tangram puzzles and challenges with concept and instructional information for teachers as well. From the NCTM website.

Learning Geometry and Measurement Concepts by Creating Paths & Navigating Mazes – students combine knowledge of geometry, measurement and number to solve challenging problems with their virtual ladybug.

Get the Turtle to the Pond – estimate length and angle measure to create a path for your virtual turtle.

Isometric Drawing Tool – draw figures using edges, faces or cubes, then view in 2D or 3D!

Pattern and Relationships

Graph Mole – learn about coordinate pairs, then play a game to test your knowledge.