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Pebble Go – Read about AnimalsEarth & Space, and Biographies. Searchable, leveled text designed for emergent readers. Fully narrated. Excellent for reading and research!

World Book Early World of Learning – read stories, explore places, work puzzles!

Teach Your Monster to Read – games to practice learning to read.

ABCYa! – learning activities & games, including letters, numbers and story books.

Raz-Kids – sign in with your teacher’s name, then start reading! (Requires an established teacher account for use)

Spelling City – type your own spelling words, then play games, take quizzes, or be tested on them.

MakeBelieveComix – create your own comic strip. Characters, speech bubbles, and everything you need to be creative as you write & design a story.

Read.Write.Think Crossword Maker – work crossword puzzles or make your own!

ABC Match – match the picture with the beginning sound.

Alphabet Zoo – match lower case letters to upper case letters at the zoo!

Starfall – Have your headphones ready, because this is a reading AND listening site for primary kids.

Tumble Books – at the Bellingham Public Library’s children’s page.


Five Frame – work with numbers from 1 to 5.

Ten Frame – build numbers using a ten frame at NCTM.

PBS Kids Math Games – have fun as you improve your math skills.

Concentration – match numbers, shapes and values, by yourself or with a partner!

Counting Beads – practice number order & recognition or the ABC’s at this colorful site!

Count Us In Games – count, add and subtract here!

Give the Dog a Bone – can you find the bones hidden in the 100’s chart?



 Art & Other Fun Sites

Google Maps – Find your house and school!

Amazing Houses of the World – take a tour of these unusual and fascinating houses. Imagine living in one!

Penguin Puzzle – Personalize this puzzle to make it simple or difficult! Lots of other puzzles at this site, too