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Science Fair Projects & Ideas

ipl2 for Kids – this science fair project resource guide clearly defines the steps for your project, and includes many excellent resources to support you along the way.

Branches of Science: Science Fairs

Science Buddies

PebbleGo – wonderful reading and research site for emergent readers! Visit all three databases, Animals, Earth and Space, and Biographies. You will need a password to access this site outside of the Bellingham School district network. See Mariann Strachan or Ernie Selig in the Carl Cozier library.

World Book Online – well organized online encyclopedia. Leveled for readers of all ages. Subscription site. You will need a password to access this site outside of the Bellingham School district network.

ELibrary – searches newspapers, magazines, photos, video, and transcripts

General Science Sites with Multiple Topics

Scholastic StudyJams – videos to explain science & math concepts, from Scholastic.

BioKids – Kids’ Inquiry of Diverse Species – The Critter Catalog is a great resource for research on different animal species. The site also includes field guides of tracks and signs, and invertebrates.

The Exploratorium – San Francisco science museum’s electronic version of hands-on exhibits

Fossweb – official site of inquiry-based Foss Science Curriculum.

Science News For Kids – information and resources on science topics for young people. Organized by topic.


Biomes of the World – visit the rainforest, tundra, taiga, desert, grassland and temperate forest

Space Science

NASA’s SpacePlace – Loaded with current information, this site offers powerful visual images, quality information & simulations, live opportunities to talk to NASA scientists & engineers, stories & games. THE go-to place for space science information.

Earth Science

U. S. Geological Survey – “science quality and integrity are the bedrock of our science.”

VolcanoWorld – images and info from real volcanologists. Billed as the Web’s premier source for volcano information.

Living Things – Sea

Splash Zone! – Activities about the different ocean environments

Ocean Animals – Information on echinoderms, including sea stars, sea urchins, sand dollars and sea cucumbers.

Scorpian Fish – read all about this tidepool animal!

Living Things – Land

All About Butterflies – Learn about a butterfly’s life cycle, its anatomy, and much more!

Butterfly Metamorphosis – See the four stages

Cow’s Eye Dissection – step-by-step, from the Exploratorium

Nutrition and the Food Pyramid – Click on the food pyramd to find out about the nutrition found in different foods.

Plants – Great Plant Escape – Facts, mysteries & activities, all about plant growth & development.

Taking Care of Our Earth

Environmental Kids Club – information, simulations and activities on important environmental concepts from the EPA.

Recycle City – This site is hosted by the Environmental Protection Agency. Explore Recycle City to see what they are doing to reduce waste and clean up their environment. The play the Dumpcity Game and see if you can clean it up!

All About Salmon

Did You Know? Fast Facts About Salmon – description, habitat, and more.

Endangered Species

Endangered Means There’s Still Time – a slide show about endangered, threatened & extinct animals.

Eco-Pros Endangered Species – this site includes definitions and a lists of links covering a wide range of endangered species.


U.S. Fish & Wildlife Endangered Species Program – read about threatened and endangered species across the USA. Search by location or species.

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Image Library – copyright-free photographs and illustrations of all sorts of plants and wildlife

Water and the Water Cycle

Matching Fun – How many gallons of water are used for certain activities?

Interactive Water Cycle – Learn about the water cycle.

The Water Cycle Game – Learn about the Water Cycle and then answer questions