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Current Events

Time for Kids Online – the latest news articles, written for intermediate students.

Today in History – find out what happened on a particular day in history!

Black History Month – February

National Geographic Kids

QUIZ-Black History Month

Map Web Links

Maps4Kids – Maps, games and other information about geography – all in kid-friendly text and graphics!

Atlapedia Online – full color physical and political maps, plus key facts and statistics about countries of the world.

MapQuest – maps, driving directions and more

Washington State Links

Planning a Road Trip Through Washington

Scenic Byways, Washington – plan your perfect trip in Washington state!

Experience Washington – official travel and tourism site for the state of Washington.

Official Travel Guide: San Juan Islands – things to do, getting around, lots of photos!

Washington State Ferries – routes, schedules and other travel information.

Go Northwest Travel Guide – visit the Cascade Mountains. Choose from North, Central or South Cascades and read about places to visit, things to do.

Northwest Visitor Information – information about cities, nature, even old growth forests.

Washington State Parks – links to all of the state parks, descriptions, activities, directions.

Things to do in Washington – great variety of Washington State attractions. Search by area, type of attraction or event.

Washington State Maps – 5 different maps with specific information on each – physical map, elevation, rivers, highways & counties of the state of Washington.

Washington Information & Governement

Simply Washington – lots of information about our state, including government, history, and current events. Created by the communications staff of the Office of Secretary of State. PDF format.

Washington State History Link — The free, online encyclopedia of Washington State History. This searchable site is rich with information, cybertours, slideshows, biographies, and so much more. Learners could spend hours here!

State Symbols – Washington State Symbols page by the Washington State Legislature.

State Symbols – List of state symbols and emblems and when the date them were adopted.

“Find-It!” – from the Washington State Public Library- learn all about Washington state using this collection of online search tools.

More Washington State Maps – outline maps, census maps, landforms & more.

Bellingham, Whatcom County, Local Communities

Historic Bellingham Waterfront Photos – photos and captions of Bellingham waterfront locations from the late 19th century to today.

Center for Pacific Northwest Studies – comprehensive access to historical documents about the Pacific Northwest. Includes several digital collections. Adult reading level.

Whatcom Museum Photo Archives – collections include Darius Kinsey & Galen Biery, among others. Hover over photos to read captions.

Map of Early Bellingham – Shows various industries operating in 1900 in early Bellingham area.

Whatcom County History – brief description of the history of Whatcom County from the Whatcom County website.

Explorers Web Links

Mariners’ Museum: Exploration Through the Ages – Search by explorer for information, maps, & images.

All About Explorers – comprehensive site, easy to use. Research a specific explorer, or try one of the Treasure Hunts!

First Americans Web Links

Native Americans in Olden Times – read about First Nations of North America.

Native American Groups of North America – Learn how native people used their environment to survive. Click on the map to get started!

American Indians of the Pacific Northwest – digital collection of images and information from the University of Washington.

NW Coast Native Americans – information on daily life in ancient times in regions around North America. Stories, projects and more!

Eldrbarry’s Raven Tales – read many tales of Raven! This site also has extensive links to other information about Indians of the Northwest Coast.

Pioneers, United States

Life as a Pioneer

Colonial Times

Colonial House – an interactive history site from PBS. Learn about life in the new world in 1628, regions of the new world, colonists’ clothing, read & view video diaries, and more!

Colonial Williamsburg Slideshows – view documents, realia, art and more. Zoom in for greater detail. Excellent slideshows on many different aspects of colonial life.

Colonial Williamsburg–comprehensive site created by Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. Information on all aspects of daily life, including photos, videos, and simulations. Life in colonial Williamsburg described from many different perspectives.

Colonial Occupations – definitions of colonial occupations. Dictionary format.

Revolutionary War

Charters of Freedom — interactive site with information and activities for learning about America’s historical documents. The Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Link directly to: Declaration of Independence information & activities

Constitution information & activities

Bill of Rights information & activities

Liberty! The American Revolution — PBS has created a unique site with newspaper chronicles from various cities, information on life in the colonies, and a game to test your knowledge of the American Revolution.

Civil War

National Geographic Interactive Map — Battles of the Civil War. Navigate and zoom in on important battle sites. Use geography skills to locate and view battle sites & details.

General United States Information Links

The Democracy Project – PBS site. Be President for a day, learn about voting and how government affects citizens

VA Kids – Learn cool facts about our Veterans, play games, design a badge and more.

50 States of the United States – facts about all 50, including motto, flag, song.

American Memory – An incredible searchable collection of American memorabilia of all sorts.

Civil War Home Page (U.S. Government)

National Parks Home Page

Our World Web Links

UN International Day of Peace – Use the links on the left side of the page to read about Messengers of Peace, International Peace Day, and more.

Culture Grams – You’ll need our school’s username and password to access this site. Fantastic overviews of the 50 states, and many countries around the world.

CIA World FactBook – an authoritative site about countries of the world. Updated yearly.

Analysis of Washington State Laws – 4th Grade and 5h Grade

Driving Safety
Staying Safe on the Car or on the Bus – General information. Read yourself, or listen as it is read to you.
Seat Belt Facts – from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, get the facts on motor vehicle safety!
Seat Belt Safety – National Safety Council article on seat belt safety.
Washington State Seat Belt & Child Restraint Laws – description of laws from the Safety Restraint Coalition.
Distracted Driving – from AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, this article focuses on a variety of driving distractions including electronic devices, texting and downloading music.
Driving While Distracted: Statistics to Know – from Nationwide Insurance Company.
Cell Phone and Texting Accident Statistics – Detailed statistics on cell phones & driving, as well as pedestrian distractions while using electronic devices.

Smoking Laws
Smoking Stinks – kinds of tobacco, why it is bad for you, and more. Read yourself, or listen as it is read to you.
Health Effects of Exposure to Second Hand Smoke – EPA website.
Health Effects of Cigarette Smoking – from the Center for Disease Control. Descriptions of health risks, with some statistics.
Effects of Smoking – list of harmful effects of smoking, and links to benefits of quitting.
SmokeFree Washington – explains the law and its impact on Public Health

Stop – especially for students. Defines bullying, including cyberbullying, how to get help, who is at risk, and more.
Dealing With Bullies – definition, examples and how to get help are all included at this site. Read yourself or listen as it is read to you.

Physical Education
Why Exercise is Cool – health benefits of exercise!

Bring Your Own Device
Should Schools Embrace Bring-Your-Own-Device? – pros and cons of students bringing their own technology to school.