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Welcome to the Family Book Club Page for

A Wolf Called Wander by Rosanne Parry

Using Family Engagement funds, Carl Cozier purchsed 19 copies of A Wolf Called Wander for 5th Grade  students interested in engaging in a deeper study of the text.

Here you will find resources to support your family’s journey with OR-7 – a wild wolf who traveled more than 1,000 miles across the Pacific Northwest!


If you can:

-Please read “A Wolf Called Wander” with your child…or if it’s more convenient, read it on your own and discuss the book with your 5th grader as they read!

-Use These DISCUSSION QUESTIONS to guide your conversations

-Dig into the ADDITIONAL MATERIAL in the back of the book.

-Watch one of these fascinating DOCUMENTARIES about Wolves

How Wolves Change Rivers (Sustainable Human; Chris Agnos,editor)

The Rise of the Black Wolf (National Geographic Wild)

-Dig Into some RESEARCH about the fascinating lives of Wolves!

National Geographic Education: Wolves:Fact and Fiction

National Park Service, Yellowstone. Wolves

Wolf Conservation Center

CREATE and COMMUNICATE what you have learned!

– Draw a MAP showing the travels of OR-7

– Draw a MAP showing HISTORIC and CURRENT Wolf Territories

– Create a POSTER including IMAGES and FACTS about WOLVES

DRAW a picture of a wolf and include what you have learned!

WRITE about OR-7, Gray Wolves and/or Threats to Wolves

– Create a POWERPOINT Presentation about WOLVES