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Units and Lines of Inquiry


Who we are Where we are in place and time How we express ourselves How the world works How we organize ourselves Sharing the planet
K People have qualities that make them unique and similar. Living, learning and playing has changed for children over time. Stories are a way of sharing real and imaginary experiences. People use their knowledge of how the world works to build things.  

People work together to accomplish common tasks.

Living things use their habitat to meet their basic needs.

Making balanced choices about daily routines enables us to have healthy lifestyles.

A person’s story is built by the past and the present.  Art expresses ideas and feelings.  Light and sound have unique properties and are generated from a variety of sources.  People use systems of organization for a variety of purposes.   Organisms have structures and processes that help them survive and grow.
2 Humans monitor health for different purposes.  People use a variety of maps and other geographic representations, tools, and technologies to identify where something is, why it is there, and how to get there.  As an artist, you can use nature to create art or use nature as a subject for your art.  Natural hazards play a role in shaping the earth and communities respond to these changes. Communities have public and private sector resources to meet needs and wants. Water is a limited natural resource that sustains life.
3 Relationships contribute to the unity and diversity of a community. Geography influences how people live.   Artists use a variety of media, techniques and skills to create art connected to their culture or environment.  All objects have forces acting on them at all times. Societal structures exist to sustain the group. The traits of plants and animals affect their survival.
4 Our choices impact the health of ourselves and others. People migrate for a variety of reasons and impact where they came from and where they are going.   Humans communicate through the arts.  The Earth’s surface is dynamic and ever-changing.  Economic systems are developed for the production, distribution and consumption of goods and services.  The harnessing and distribution of energy has social and political consequences.
5 Human rights and responsibilities are determined by political structures. Humans explore beyond known boundaries for social, scientific, and intellectual reasons. Humans seek to change condition and situations based on beliefs and values.  Every substance in the universe is composed of matter. Every substance in the universe is composed of matter. The ocean allows for life to exist on our planet.